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Keys To Purchasing Indicator Lights For Remote Devices

If you have a remote device, its indicator light is an important element because it shows the device is working and thus capable of responding. If you ever have to replace this indicator light on one of these devices, here are some buying tips to use. 

Choose an LED Color

Indicator lights for remote devices will typically feature an LED design, which is great because it's long-lasting and also comes in different colors. The color aspect is something to focus on, especially if there are strict color requirements for the remote device you're supporting with this type of lighting.

You might need to buy red LED indicator lights in particular or green. Find out for sure so that you can comply and thus save yourself a lot of trouble. If you're not sure which color to focus on, then what you can do is opt for indicator lights that change color. Then you can be flexible and switch to the appropriate color option once you are sure. 

Make Sure a Watertight Design is Provided

For an indicator light to work a long time inside a remote device, it needs to have a watertight design. Then regardless of where this device is used, wet elements aren't going to cause issues for the indicator light and potentially stop it from working altogether. 

When looking at these lighting solutions, try to see what type of casing materials are used so that you can see whether or not a watertight design is provided. The materials need to be water-resistant and capable of staying together, keeping your indicator light protected from water and moisture-prone environments.

Review the Opening Size in the Front 

You can get indicator lights in all sorts of different sizes, but you won't struggle to find the right dimensions if you just take a look at the remote device you're trying to support. It will have an opening in the front to support the indicator light you're looking to replace.

You just need to find out the exact size of this opening and then you'll know what size of indicator light to purchase from a supplier. That protects you from installation complications, as well as ensures this indicator light can perform its assigned duties well. 

If you have a remote device with an indicator light on its last legs, you need to start looking for replacements, such as a YuCo YC-22R-3 light. You'll make the appropriate selection if you just research impactful specs like LED color and sizing.