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3 Benefits Of Using A Warehouse Pedestrian Detection System

You have a responsibility to keep your warehouse environment safe for all your workers. This includes your forklift drivers and people who walk around your site as they do their jobs.

To boost your internal safety measures, you can install a pedestrian detection system. Why is this a good idea?

1. Improve Worker Safety

People do different jobs in your warehouse. For example, at any given time, some of your workers might be standing by storage aisles doing stock checks while others might be walking around your site. Plus, you'll have some forklifts zipping around to load and unload goods.

Even if your forklift drivers are careful, they might not see every standing or walking pedestrian in their path. If someone steps out suddenly in front of a forklift, or if a driver turns into an aisle and doesn't see someone working there, then there could be a serious accident. Both your pedestrian worker and the forklift driver could get injured.

Pedestrian detection systems minimize these accidents and keep things safer for all your personnel. Here, you install presence detectors on all your forklifts. You then give out wearable tags to your workers. These tags send signals to the detectors.

So, if someone is working or walking in close proximity to a moving or operating forklift, then its driver gets an automatic alert. They know to check for the person's location. They drive more safely and carefully. You create a safer working environment.

2. Protect Your Equipment And Stock

While the health of your workers is your primary concern, pedestrian/forklift accidents also give you other problems. For example, a collision could damage a forklift, taking it out of operation until you have it repaired. If a forklift's load falls during the accident, then you could lose some stock.

A pedestrian detection system also helps protect your machines and your stock. You avoid unnecessary damage costs.

3. Get Better Insurance Benefits

Any accidents you have in your warehouse might affect your insurance costs. For example, if you have to make a lot of workers' compensation payments, then your premium costs might increase.

If you install a pedestrian detection system, then your site accidents should reduce. You'll make fewer claims. Plus, some general insurance companies might agree to reduce your premium payments if you can show that you take extra measures to improve safety and risk in your warehouse.

To find out more, contact a warehouse pedestrian detection system company, such as Hit Not.