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Six Major Issues To Look Into When Purchasing Hydraulic Seals For An Industrial Facility

Hydraulic seals are important for equipment operation at many industrial facilities. If you need to equip your industrial facility with hydraulic seals, there are quite a few issues you'll need to consider.

The following are six major issues to look into when purchasing hydraulic seals for an industrial facility. 

The wear and tear that your hydraulic seals are likely to experience

It's important to be aware of the historical average when it comes to wear and tear on hydraulic seal equipment at your facility. This helps you to estimate how long seals will last and how much you'll have to invest in seal replacement as time goes on. 

The application for which your hydraulic seals will be used

Finding the appropriate hydraulic seals for industrial facilities depends on focusing on the application and the equipment the seals in question will be used on.

You need to consider the type of seals required for the job. For example, rod seals need to be used in applications involving mobile hydraulic equipment or injection molding machines. Discuss your application with your hydraulic seal supplier to find the best items for your needs. 

The regulations you have to follow in your industry

You need to be aware of regulations that are in place in your industry that could dictate what seals you need to use.

If you're working with hazardous substances at your industrial facilities such as asbestos or toxic gases, chances are there will be health and safety regulations you need to follow in your choice of hydraulic seals. 

The environment in which your hydraulic seals will be used

Your hydraulic seals need to be able to stand up to the rigors of the environment in which they are placed. Consider the extremes of temperature, humidity, and pressure that your seals will face. Be aware of the capabilities of hydraulic seals you invest in relating to the operating environment at your facility. 

The installation process required for your hydraulic seals

There are numerous key considerations to understand when it comes to hydraulic seal installation. These include the cleanliness, lubrication, and temperature requirements needed for installation. Consider the costs of installation when evaluating how your hydraulic seal procurement will affect your company budget. 

The potential interactions between seal materials and other materials at your facilities

Your hydraulic seals need to be chemically compatible with the other equipment parts they'll come into contact with at your facility. Consider the potential for galvanic corrosion or other chemical interactions that could create problems for you if you choose gaskets made from certain materials.