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Keep Your Restaurant Kitchen Cleaner With an Industrial-Rated Vacuum

Cleaning is an integral part of maintaining a restaurant, but not just when it comes to the surfaces where you prepare and serve food. Keeping the floor clean is equally important for many different reasons. Make sure you understand why it's essential you have an industrial-rated vacuum to keep your kitchen and restaurant safe. 

Airborne Bacteria

Raw food can introduce all sorts of airborne particles into your kitchen as you move it around. Some of these particles are also full of potentially dangerous bacteria that can cause serious illnesses. Once the bacteria are introduced into the air, it eventually settles on all types of surfaces, including the floor, but it doesn't stop there. 

The scariest part of it all is that when you sweep the floor with a broom, you actually send these particles back into the air, which means they can land on other surfaces, including your food prep areas. So, while you might think you're cleaning the kitchen, you could be making matters worse. 

Industrial-rated vacuums play a critical role in eliminating this threat because instead of sending the particles back into the air, they suction them up and contain them in an airtight system so that they can be disposed of properly. With regular use of an industrial-rated vacuum, you can aggressively work to prevent these bacteria-ridden particles from roaming free in your kitchen. 

In-Depth Cleaning

A restaurant kitchen is somewhat of a maze that is full of hard-to-reach areas. However, when you think about the daily activity in a kitchen, it's easy to surmise that cleaning, even in these hard-to-reach places, is especially important. Industrial-rated vacuums are excellent in this instance because of their attachments that allow you to clean in areas that you might not otherwise be able to access with other cleaning tools like a mop or even a broom. 

Not only does the ability to clean in these areas help keep your kitchen cleaner but it can also help ensure your kitchen is not violating health codes when it comes time for your kitchen inspection. After all, to an inspector, your inability to reach an area is not an excuse to not clean it.  

The ability to pass your inspection without any hassle helps maintain your restaurant's good rating and also enables you to avoid the cost, or even downtime, that can come along with failing an inspection. Thorough cleaning in hard-to-reach places can also help you avoid the risk of cross-contamination, which is especially dangerous for individuals with food allergies. 

Make certain you choose a vacuum that will assist you in keeping your restaurant clean to protect your customers and your reputation. There are plenty of options for industrial-rated vacuums, such as New Windsor Sensor vacuums for sale. Speak to an industrial equipment salesman for more information.