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Need A New Pallet Racking System? 4 Benefits Of Choosing Teardrop Systems

If you are looking to purchase a new pallet racking system for your company, you will find many different types available. One of these types is a teardrop racking system. This tow motor can roll into this type of racking system, and it is commonly used by companies. To help you decide if it would work well for you, below are four benefits of teardrop racking systems.

1. Can Be Added to Existing System

If you have an existing teardrop pallet system, you can easily add the new system to it. This is because of the way the system is made, such as you can adjust the beams easily to match another system. This means no matter what size your old system is, the new size will match well. This could save you a lot of money as you would not have to get rid of your old system unless you wanted to.

2. Less Expensive

Teardrop pallet systems are less expensive than other systems. This is because these systems are made of a hard plastic and have only a small amount of steel, as plastic is cheaper than steel. You will find components such as gauges, screws, etc. made of steel but everything else plastic. The plastic used is very durable, so you will not have to worry about it degrading over time. Plastic is maintenance free also as it will never chip away or rust. The only thing you must do is wipe it clean when it becomes dirty.

3. Easy to Install

Because these systems can be attached to older systems, they are easy to install. If you purchase a large racking system, however, you should hire a professional to do the installation for you. This will ensure it is installed properly so that you will have no problems with the system later. If the teardrop racking system is small, however, you may be able to install everything on your own.

4. Can be Reconfigured

Because you can move the beams to different levels, you can easily reconfigure the teardrop pallet system. This means if you purchase a product that is larger than your other products you will not have a problem storing the larger boxes on a teardrop pallet system. Simply measure the new boxes and then measure the pallet system, so you know where to move the beams.

Talk with a company that sells teardrop pallet racking systems, and they can give you much more information about them.