steel plates on metal pole building walls for protection

Controlling Vehicle Access To the Front of Your Building

Accidents happen, but if a car drives into the front of your building, people can be hurt and the damage can be considerable. If you have a building with a glass front, it is especially important to protect it. There are a number of ways to keep the front of the building safe and clear. Some that look better than others, but the goal is safety first.

Form Versus Function

If your only concern is to keep the front of your building safe, a few well-placed concrete barriers will do the job. The downside to using concrete barriers is that they make the building look like a military compound and not so much like a friendly business. It is important that people feel safe, but your business also needs to feel warm and inviting. Concrete barriers might not convey that feeling, so while they will do the job, they may not be the best choice.

Concrete, Steel, and Stainless Steel Bollards

Bollards are the posts you see in front of many large stores and businesses. They can be made from steel pipes filled with concrete and embedded in the ground when the building is under construction. They are often covered by something to make them look nice. There are also bollards that are made of steel with stainless or chrome covers that can add a flair to your business. Some even have lights on the top that come on at night. A stainless steel bollard style can be a great choice for modern-looking buildings with a lot of stainless steel or other metal work. They do not detract from the building's overall look, but they keep the cars in the parking area where they belong.

Architectural Barricades

Sometimes there are large architectural pieces in front of a building that are designed to look nice but protect the building as well. Often these large concrete and steel structures are designed to look like something that ties into the building or area where the business is located. This might be a better and more attractive fit for your business, but going this route will likely cost more than choosing bollards.

Limiting Access

The last solution is to simply not allow cars to drive near the front of the building at all. If you can't get a car near the building, there is no chance that it will hit the building. Keep your business safe by choosing one of these methods to prevent cars from hitting your building.