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Essential Equipment To Handle Your Industrial Drums

Storing liquid chemical for long periods of time can pose a challenge. You want your chemical reserves to be easily accessible, but also stored in containers that won't break down over time or use up a lot of space in your warehouse. Industrial drums make a great chemical storage option because these containers are versatile and can be stacked to maximize storage space.

Handling filled industrial drums can be difficult, but investing in the right equipment will allow you to move your drums around the warehouse with ease.

1. Drum Trucks and Dollies

Filled industrial drums can be heavy and unwieldy, making it nearly impossible to move these containers by hand. Having a drum truck and/or some drum dollies in your warehouse will make it easier to rotate through your chemical reserves.

Drum trucks operate like any other handcart, but they are designed specifically to accommodate the cylindrical shape of an industrial drum. Drum dollies are round frames on wheels that can be placed underneath filled industrial drums to facilitate easy movement. Both these pieces of equipment are essential for any company housing industrial drums in a warehouse setting.

2. Drum Racks

Stacking your filled drums directly on top of one another might cause damage to the drums themselves. You will need a special racking system within your warehouse to safely maximize vertical storage space.

Drum racks are constructed from a durable steel, giving their frame the strength it needs to support a lot of drums. There are curved slots within each drum rack where a filled industrial drum can rest, cradled safely by the rack to prevent drums from sliding or tipping during storage.

3. Double Drum Grabber

If you anticipate maintaining a large reserve of chemicals stored in industrial drums, then investing in a double drum grabber could prove beneficial. A double drum grabber is an attachment that can be mounted to the tines on your warehouse's forklift.

The grabber has jaws that automatically close around two drums per load, allowing you to lift and transport filled drums within your warehouse in a fraction of the time. Double drum grabbers can help you rotate through your chemical reserves to ensure you are accessing drums based on the date they were placed into storage.

Stocking your warehouse with a drum truck or dolly, drum racks, and a double drum grabber attachment will allow you to more effectively make use of industrial drums when stockpiling chemicals for future use. Contact a company, like Zorin Material Handling Co., for more help.