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Looking To Buy A Filter For A Portable Air Compressor? Three Questions That Will Help Guide You To The Right One

An air filter is an important component of your portable air compressor. The filter removes debris, dust, dander, dirt, and pollen from the air so that the air that flows through the air compressor is clean. However, there are many filters on the market for air compressors, which can make it challenging to determine which type is the best for your machine. Here are three questions to ask yourself when you are trying to pick an air filter.

How Clean Do You Want the Air to Be? 

When you are looking to purchase an air filter for your portable air compressor, you will want to consider how clean you need the air to be. If you are using the air compressor in a hospital setting, it may need to be cleaner than if you are using the air compressor at a construction site. When you pick a filter, pay close attention to the MERV rating, or the minimum efficiency reporting value. The higher the MERV rating, the finer the filtration system is. This means the filter is able to collect smaller, finer particles, equating to cleaner air flowing in and out of the air compressor. 

How Quickly Do You Need Air to Flow? 

Another important element to consider when picking a filter for your air compressor is how quickly you need air to flow through your compressor. When you select a filter with a high MERV rating, air must pass through this strong filter. This can slow down the flow of air, which can weaken the output and amount of pressure your air compressor has. If you need a strong air flow, a lower MERV rated filter may be best. In many cases, it comes down to trial and error to determine just how high of a MERV rated filter you can get away with without reducing the air flow. 

What Is Your Budget? 

The last factor to consider when you are picking a portable air compressor is your budget. Some portable air compressors are inexpensive, while others can be pricey. Always determine what your budget is and then look for a filter that best meets your needs within your price range. 

Picking the right air filter helps ensure the filter is able to filter out the particles you need removed, allow air to flow quickly, and ensures the filter meets your budget. Asking yourself these questions will help you find the air filter that best meets your needs. 

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