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Two Tips For Keeping Your Double-Arm Mixer In Tiptop Shape

Double-arm mixers can cost thousands of dollars, even for used ones. So performing regular maintenance on your machine can help keep it working properly and even extend its lifespan. Here are two tips for making sure your appliance stays in excellent shape for many years.

Plug It Into a Surge Protector

Power surges can be extremely damaging to electronic equipment. When the amount of electricity entering a machine exceeds its capacity, it can cause the appliance to short out, leading to expensive repairs or completely destroying the item altogether. While electrical storms and problems at the utility company are a common source of power surges, over 50 percent of them are caused by internal sources on the property. For instance, other appliances turning on and off can cause low-grade surges that slowly damage other electrical equipment over time.

A good way to protect your double-arm mixer and other appliances from this type of damage is to install a surge protector. There are two kinds: point-of-use and whole building. Point-of-use protectors are connected directly to the appliance and reduce the impact of power surges at the outlet, while whole-building surge protectors are installed at the point of entry into the entire structure and protect the whole building from surges.

Whole-building protectors are good option for mitigating the impact of external sources of power surges, while point-of-use can help with internal ones. Since it's a good bet you own more than one piece of expensive equipment, you may want to make use of both types.

Keep the Machine Lubricated

To keep working smoothly, your double-arm mixer needs to remain lubricated. Unfortunately, any lubrication on the machine degrades and wears off over time. Failure to keep the machine well-oiled can lead to catastrophic failure due to excessive friction.

Therefore, you need to check the machine on a regular basis to ensure it's still adequately lubricated. The frequency of these checks will vary depending on how often you use your double-arm mixer. Once a month may be enough if you use your appliance infrequently; whereas, you may need to check it at least once per week if you use it on a daily basis.

Be sure to check your owner's manual for the correct type of lubricant to use. You don't want to damage your machine or sabotage its efficiency by using the wrong one.

For more tips on maintaining your double-arm mixer or to purchase one for your business, contact an industrial machine supplier.