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3 Benefits of Renting a Roll-Off Dumpster for Home Renovation

The waste and debris from a major home renovation project can quickly get out of hand if you are not prepared to manage it. Roll-off dumpsters can make DIY home renovations of any size safer and much more manageable, and they are virtually indispensable for the largest projects. Here are three of the biggest benefits of renting a roll-off dumpster for home renovation.

Faster Cleanup

Many first-time DIY home renovators overlook the fact that the cleanup process can take just as much time as the renovations themselves. If waste and debris are poorly managed, the time requirement to complete the project can easily double. Renting a roll-off dumpster makes many aspects of the cleanup much easier so that you can often complete it in half the time.

The high capacity of a roll-off dumpster plays the largest role in helping your cleanup go much faster. Roll-off dumpsters are available in a wide range of sizes to suit the needs of any project, so you can simply place all of the trash in your rental dumpster and haul it away when your renovations are complete. This saves a lot of time by letting you focus on the project instead of having to stop multiple times to haul away waste. Many dumpster rental companies will even haul the dumpster to and from your home for you.

Roll-off dumpsters also speed up the cleanup process by allowing you to dispose of several different types of waste in the same container. This includes concrete, drywall, shingles, siding, and almost all other types of construction debris. The only exception is for batteries, flammable liquids, and certain other waste products that cannot be put in a roll-off dumpster. You will still have to take the time to dispose of these waste materials properly.

Less Hazardous Workspace

If you are tearing down walls or installing a new roof, your yard can quickly fill up with nails, splintered wood, and other hazards. Even if you are cleaning up periodically as you work, there is still a risk of injury while picking up waste or if you fall. The safest way to manage waste during a home renovation project is to immediately throw it away in a roll-off dumpster.

A roll-off dumpster allows you to dispose of waste quickly because it is highly maneuverable. You will be able to park the dumpster in your yard in the closest possible location to the section of the home that you are working on. This minimizes the distance you have to carry debris away from your workspace and reduces the risk of injury.

Environmentally Friendly

Renting a roll-off dumpster is an excellent way to make sure that the waste from your home renovation project with have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Dumpster rental companies must comply with local laws and regulations on the proper disposal of waste products.

Many dumpster rental companies are taking a "green initiative," offering free recycling services for reusable items. These companies will provide specific details on the types of waste they can recycle, and may provide a "green-only" dumpster for recyclable items. While this can require a bit of extra thought during cleanup, it is the most eco-friendly way to dispose of waste after a home renovation.

A majority of homeowners do not need 24/7 access to a high-capacity dumpster. Dumpster rental companies provide an invaluable service by allowing you to use a roll-off dumpster when you need it and removing it from your property when you are finished. Be sure to contact a local dumpster rental company for additional info when you are planning a DIY home renovation so the cleanup process will be as easy as possible.