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Preppers: Five Reasons You Should Buy A Storage Trailer Rather Than Rent A Self-Storage Locker

As the world gets increasingly complicated, more and more people are preparing for the worst. Some people are preparing for EMPs, others for the breakdown of society and others for a range of diverse disasters. If you are one of the many people who are preparing for a doomsday type situation, you likely need storage for your weapons, canned food and water supplies.

If you don't have room in your home, you may need to rent or buy additional storage. Although, you can use a self storage facility for your stockpile, in most cases, it is more advantageous to buy a storage trailer and keep your stuff on your property. Here is why:

1. Conveniently Rotate Food and Water Supplies

Most preppers store food and water, and unfortunately, canned food and water doesn't always last forever. If you have your food storage in a self-storage facility, you will need to drive there every few months to rotate your inventory. With a storage trailer, you can easily and conveniently walk into your storage trailer, find the food that needs to be used, eat it and replace it with new items.

If you store water, you don't necessarily need to replace or rotate it, but you do need to check it occasionally to ensure no bacteria or debris has gotten into it. When your water is on your property, it is easier to check than when it is off site.

2. Bug Out Potential

Regardless of what type of emergency for which you are preparing, you have to prepare for the potential that you may need to "bug out" or leave in a hurry. If you have to bug out and you have a storage locker, you may end up just deserting everything in your storage facility.

If you have a storage trailer, in contrast, you have two super convenient bug out options. With a storage trailer on your property, you can easily get into your trailer, grab what you need and leave. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the portability of your trailer, hook it to a truck and take it with you. The ability to haul your storage and take it with you makes a storage trailer the best option when compared to a self-storage locker, a cellar, a pantry or practically any other alternative.

3. Fewer Restrictions

If you want the ability to take your storage trailer with you, you may want to store tanks of gasoline on it. You may also want to store guns, ammo or additional fuel or propane on your storage trailer. In most cases, these types of items as well as other flammable items are not allowed in many conventional storage facilities. If you buy a storage trailer, you don't need to worry about restrictions or rules like you do with a self-storage facility.

4. Customization Potential

Additionally, when you have a storage trailer, you can customize it as needed. If you want to add shelves, cupboards or even beds, you can easily add those elements to your storage trailer. If you rent a storage locker, in contrast, you may not be allowed to customize it or build inside of it.

5. Increased Security

Self storage units are typically secure. They often have video surveillance or guards on site, and of course, you can add locks to your unit as well. However, you can make a storage trailer even more secure. Most storage trailers are made of steel, making them virtually impenetrable, and you can add multiple locks to make them even safer. In addition, because the trailer is on your property, you can monitor it. If you want to surround it with trip wires, booby traps and security cameras, you can.